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Is Plastic Surgery Right for You?

People choose plastic surgery for a number of reasons. Certain surgeries are beneficial to your health, while others help improve your overall well-being, both physically and mentally.

Since 2000, the number of plastic surgery procedures performed each year has risen 115 percent, and the trend continues. Today, plastic surgery is more acceptable than ever, and has helped people just like you feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin.

If you aren’t satisfied – or are even upset – with the way you look, you have the power to make a change and be in better control. Many women and men struggle in their every-day lives with the emotional weight brought on by being unhappy with an area of their body. Plastic surgery is empowering and we give you options, and increased potential to live your life happier with the way you look.

Dr. Merrell has three golden rules that guide his care for patients:

  1. Safe surgery: Don’t place patients at risk by doing procedures in your office that are meant for the hospital.
  2. Never cut corners: Always provide care the proper way, to provide the best benefit to the patient. Dr. Merrell will never take shortcuts – especially not to save a few dollars – because you are worth the best.
  3. Respect everyone: Patient happiness is key, and Dr. Merrell understands that every patient is an individual of infinite worth and worthy of respect. You will appreciate his genuine interest in your needs and concerns.

Whether you are a breast cancer survivor in need of breast reconstruction, a gastric bypass patient with uncomfortable excess skin, or someone who wants to look and feel younger, Dr. Merrell and his team will help you reach your goals.