Dr. Merrell’s registered TESSA® method is a unique approach to breast augmentation that leaves no scars on or under the breast. Developed in 1983 and used exclusively by Dr. Merrell in Southeast Virginia, this approach provides a very natural breast look, with no scars, no loss of nipple sensation and no deformity! Patients love that they can wear bathing suits and that there are no obvious signs of breast augmentation.

TESSA stands for:

Transaxillary, meaning an approach from under the arm. This is a safe method that ensures minimal scarring after the procedure compared to the common inframammary approach.

Endoscopic, which involves using a high-tech scope.

Subpectoral, where the implant is placed under the muscle. This will give the implant a natural appearance, as opposed to those which are placed over top of the muscle.

Smooth, referring to the use of FDA approved cohesive gel implants for long-lasting results.

Augmentation, or enlargement.

This registered technique is only available through Dr. Merrell, and his years of experience makes the process safe and worry-free.

From a Patient:

“My surgery was almost a decade ago. Now when I put on a bathing suit, I do not have to think “how am I going to get the stuffing to stay”. I feel confident and feminine. In addition, with Dr. Merrell’s trademarked TESSA technique my scars in the armpits are virtually invisible. When people ask I actually have to point them out for someone to see them. Having this surgery has made such a positive impact on my life.” – SW

No Breast Scars!

Can you see the scar? The TESSA® technique leaves a small, barely noticeable scar under the arm, not on the breast!
Reduced post operative pain and quicker healing, with more natural results.