Surgery Following Weight Loss

Significant weight loss through diet or gastric bypass is an exciting moment for those who have experienced it. It can also be a difficult time, as excess skin can often make people feel just as unhappy as before the weight loss.

It is extremely time consuming, frustrating and expensive to try to rid of excess skin through diet and exercise programs that yield little results. That is why many men and women choose to have surgery with Dr. Merrell after major weight loss, a safe and effective way to quickly gain the confidence they deserve.

There are several different procedure options for this type of patient, ranging from an abdominoplasty to a thigh lift. With Dr. Merrell’s 30 years of experience, he can work with you to choose the one that best fits your individual needs, making your body’s proportions more balanced.

Your Safety and Needs Are Our Priority

Perhaps more than anything else when considering surgery after weight loss, we understand that your needs and aesthetic goals are unique. Thank you for considering Dr. J. Craig Merrell as your personal plastic surgeon. He and his staff are dedicated to giving you the care that you deserve. Please make time to visit us and see the difference we can make.

Pretty Darn Good

“After my surgery, I feel absolutely terrific and if I do say so myself, I look pretty darn good.  I am able to wear the clothes I’ve always wanted to wear, even dresses and skirts with fitted waists and double-breasted suits.  No more elastic waistbands.  Because my stomach is flat, my clothes fit me the way they should.”

Surgery After Weight Loss Examples

Examples are coming soon. In the mean time, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Merrell and you will be able to review dozens of examples during your appointment.