Discover Your Mommy Makeover

Having children can be one of the most rewarding life experiences. However, the time after pregnancy requires many different adjustments, especially when it comes to a woman’s body.

Pregnancy can often leave women with changes to their body that are almost impossible to reverse, even with an excellent diet and exercise routine. Many experience weight gain and loss resulting in skin stretching, an increase or loss of breast volume, stretch marks, and more. The emotional toll of pregnancy is already high, and these changes can have a negative emotional impact on the mother.

This is why Dr. Merrell offers the “Mommy Makeover.” With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Merrell has an excellent understanding of what procedures can be done to restore the body’s proportions to what they were before pregnancy. This can include thigh lifts, breast augmentation or reduction, a breast lift, abdominoplasty, and more.

Our main concerns are your safety and happiness, and Dr. Merrell will work with you every step of the way to make sure you are involved in the decision-making and get the results you want.

Results You’ll Be Proud Of

We know you have choices in whom you select to help you take control of your body and feel confident again. Thank you for considering Dr. Merrell as your personal plastic surgeon, and we hope you’ll take advantage of our free consultation offer and schedule a visit.

Happy Mom

“After a year of exercise and diet I was unable to snap by body into the shape that I so desperately wanted.  I felt uncomfortable going to a Dr. because of the personal nature of the subject of my body, not to mention being ashamed of the way it looked.  At the age of 49 [I got] the stomach and breasts of a twenty five year old. My body is in better shape than it has ever been,  even 2 ½  years after my surgery.   It was definitely the right decision for me.”

Mommy Makeover Examples