Eyelid Procedures

For many people, aging first appears around the eyes, with baggy, sagging skin. More than a cosmetic concern, eyelid aging can impact a person’s ability to see and when bad enough even qualifies for insurance.  No matter what your age, if your eyes are aging faster than you’d like, a bleparoplasty, or eyelid tuck, may be the answer to clear vision and letting your beauty shine.

This outpatient procedure is designed to address three typical issues around the eyes, which can make them, and you, look tired. The most common challenge is an excess of skin involving both the upper and lower eyelids. An eyelid tuck removes the extra skin and recreates the normal skin fold of the upper lid.

Bags under the eyes are caused by bulging fat. A blepharoplasty removes this fat to help smooth out the contour to a more natural shape and look. Finally, in some patients, overactive muscles can cause a noticeable bulge just under the lower eyelid, especially during smiling. Trimming the muscle helps to obtain the best results.

Our patients are amazed at how much younger they look and feel by simply addressing some of the issues surrounding their eyes. Whether you are in your 20s or 80s, Dr. Merrell and his caring team are here to help find the solution that’s right for you. We invite you to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Merrell, where you’ll be able to discuss your concerns and learn about the options available given your unique goals. Thank you for considering Dr. Merrell.

Twenty Five Years Later!

“I had terrible bags under my eyes. I was only in my late 30s but the bags aged me and made me always look tired. Dr. Merrell performed a bleparoplasty (or as I called it, a bag-ectomy). My results were PERFECT!  The bags were gone, I had no scarring, recovery was easy. I was back to work (wearing make up for the bruising) in less than a week.

I was very open about the surgery and my friends were astounded at how much this simple surgery improved my appearance. I took out a loan to pay for the surgery – it was one of the best investments I have ever made – Worth every penny! It is now 28 years later and my eyes still look great. Normal aging has occurred, but the bags have not returned. I highly encourage anyone to see Dr. Merrell.”  – L.C.

Eyelid Procedure Examples

The photos below represent some examples of eyelid procedures.