Important Notice for Patients: Please note, Dr. Merrell DOES NOT use and HAS NEVER used Allergan Biocell breast implants. Patients with concerns about their implants should call the office, (757) 673-6000. If you are not a patient of Dr. Merrell and believe you have Allergan implants, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Merrell to talk about your concerns and options.

Discover Dr. Merrell’s ‘No Scar” Approach

Women choose to enhance their breasts for numerous reasons. Many are not only unhappy with the size, but also the shape of their breasts, and how they look in proportion to the rest of the body build. Breast augmentation is a safe procedure that gives women the ability to change this one important body part they do not like. When something in life is out of balance it can cause negative emotions or daily distractions. You have options to take control of your figure.

Whatever your reason for choosing breast augmentation, Dr. Craig Merrell and his team will educate you on the options and work with you through the process to get the results you seek. With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Merrell knows that listening to what you want is key, and he can apply his expertise to determine the best option based on your specific body proportions and your goals.  You’ll always feel included in the process. From the start to finish you can take comfort in knowing that Dr. Merrell is uncompromising on safety and does not cut corners.  Everyone at PSAT wants you to be happy with the way you look for years to come.

Dr. Merrell’s registered TESSA® technique (learn more, here), does not leave scars on the breasts, places the implants under the muscle, uses precise endoscopic control land creates enhanced breasts that help you look and feel natural. The use of cohesive gel implants also helps create a soft, natural result. When choosing augmentation this amazing technique maximizes results and minimizes worry and stress about your body balance.

Your Needs and Goals

Perhaps more than anything else when considering breast augmentation, we understand that your needs and aesthetic goals are unique. Thank you for considering Dr. J. Craig Merrell as your personal plastic surgeon. He and his staff are dedicated to giving you the care that you deserve. Please make time to visit us and see the difference we can make.

Breast Augmentation Facts

  • Safe outpatient procedure
  • Near universal satisfaction with the results
  • No scars on the breasts when you choose the TESSA® technique
  • Wide range of options for size and shape
  • Safe for future nursing babies
  • Safe for future mammograms
  • One week or less out of work

Making a Difference

“I am a 29-year old very active wife and mother of two young children. After weaning by 18 month old from breast-feeding, I was disheartened. I had always been small, but I was left nearly flat and very disproportionate. I just wanted to be normal. Last June, I had breast augmentation surgery and I am so pleased. For the first time in my life, I feel good about how I look. Bathing suit season is actually fun. I did this for me and I am so happy with that decision. I now focus the energy that I was putting into frustration toward other areas of my life that are more meaningful.”

Breast Augmentation and Enhancement Examples

Patient A:

This transformation is a breast augmentation on a A 23 year old woman who wanted an enhanced look that would be very natural for her frame. After meeting with Dr. Merrell, they decided on a plan that took her from a 32B size to a 34C, giving her a new figure that she says is “amazing.”

Patient B:

Following her Junior year at college this patient visited her female primary care physician, who told her she had a “boy’s chest.”  Fortunately her mother, who had Dr. Merrell’s TESSA® procedure 14 years earlier, calmed her down and scheduled a consultation.  Tears dried up and her figure is definitely beautiful, natural and  feminine!

General Gallery:

Below are a few examples of Dr. Merrell’s work. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to review these and many other before and after photos at the time of your consultation.