Discover The Perfect Tummy Tuck

Getting back into everyday routines after pregnancy or dramatic weight loss can be difficult, and even more so when dealing with the changes that happen to your body. Many women who have had multiple pregnancies struggle to get back to their previous weight through just diet and exercise, especially with the busy schedule that comes with having children.

Even without pregnancy, those who have experienced major weight loss surgery can find it challenging to find comfortable, proper fitting clothing despite being a smaller size.

For many people, excess skin is nearly impossible to get rid of even with persistent exercise and healthy eating. An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is a great solution that offers long-lasting results with minimal, virtually unnoticeable incisions. This procedure evens out the body’s proportions by restoring the abdominal wall tone, leaving you happy and confident about the way you look.

Dr. Merrell has over 30 years of experience and understands your needs and goals are unique to you. We appreciate you considering Dr. J. Craig Merrell as your personal plastic surgeon for an abdominoplasty procedure. He and his staff are dedicated to giving you the care, and results, that you deserve. Please make time to visit us and see the difference we can make.

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