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Skin Cancer Screening
Contact the offices of Plastic Surgery Associates of Tidewater to hear the schedule dates for the next Skin Cancer Screening
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Thigh Lifting
There are times when excess skin compromises the appearances of the thighs. In this situation Liposuction alone would simply compound the problem. Lifting the inner and/or the outer thighs is a great way to balance your legs. A number of operative techniques are available depending upon the extent of the problem. Sometimes minor corrections can be don in the office or as an outpatient.
Alone or in conjunction with other body contouring procedures, thigh lift is an excellent way to establish proper lower body proportions. As a general rule the texture of the skin is also improved as seen in this patient.
Trade in the violin shape for something more feminine. Many patients ask for liposuction which would remove the fat but leave behind excess sagging skin. A thigh lift is ideal because it not only removes the excess fat but simultaneously tightens the skin. This patient demonstrates not only the difference in shape but also the improvement in skin texture.
This patient combined a tummy tuck with thigh lifting. The waistline, thigh shape and skin texture have all been significantly improved.