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TESSA ® Breast Enhancement
Since 1983 Dr. Merrell has refined a technique for breast enhancement that does not leave any scars on the breast. TESSA® is his trademark for:
  • T = Transaxillary (under the arm)
  • E = Endoscopic (using a high tech scope)
  • S = Subpectoral (placing the implant under the muscle)
  • S = Smooth (using FDA approved Saline or Silicone Implants)
  • A = Augmentation.

When considering options for breast enhancement this patient and her feelings about the TESSA® procedure may help guide you.
“For as long as I can remember I have always wanted fuller breasts. I had a drawer full of padded bras, gel inserts and I had even developed a way of tying my bra straps together to create more cleavage. Over the years I questioned many women who had undergone breast augmentation – some talked about great results while others told horror stories. Yet as a 23 year old young woman with a small chest I knew I had to do something. My OB/GYN recommended Dr. Craig Merrell. I check his website, researched his credentials, sent an e-mail and also found out a girlfriend of mine had a TESSA® by Dr. Merrell. She loved the results and would gladly do it again. At my consultation with Dr. Merrell, I learned that he is a perfectionist and I found I could trust him with this delicate decision. My surgery was almost a year ago. Now when I put on a bathing suit, I do not have to think “how am I going to get the stuffing to stay”. I feel confident and feminine. In addition with Dr. Merrell’s trademarked TESSA technique my scars in the armpits are virtually invisible. When people ask I have to actually point them out for someone to see them. Having this surgery has made such a positive impact on my life.”

TESSA ® = no scars on your breasts. The incision is hidden under the arm as seen in this patient who had her TESSA® ten years ago. Because we feel patients deserve the best, Dr. Merrell uses the Keller Funnel™ (http://www.kellerfunnel.com/patients) to minimize the trauma of inserting the implant and to allow for a smaller scar.

The choice is yours . . . but,

Before you make a final decision visit us to see the difference TESSA ® enhancement can make.

To see more results of Dr. Merrell’s TESSA ® breast procedure, follow this link www.loveyourlook.com