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Skin Cancer Screening
Contact the offices of Plastic Surgery Associates of Tidewater to hear the schedule dates for the next Skin Cancer Screening
Harbour View Center
5818 Harbour View Blvd, Suite 200
Suffolk, Virginia 23435
Phone: (757) 673-6000
Fax: (757) 673-6007
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In order to serve our patients in Hampton Roads, and throughout the Eastern United States we have developed two premier Centers for EXCELLENCE in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Please take a minute to browse through this page and get to know our offices and our staff.
Harbour View Center For Excellence in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
5818 Harbour View Blvd., Suite 200 Suffolk, Virginia 23435
Phone: (757) 673-6000 Fax: (757) 673-6007
January 1st, 2000 marked the start of a new year, new decade, new century, new millennium, and the opening of our new office, The Harbour View Center for Excellence in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. We are so pleased to have almost 3,200 square feet of space designed to accommodate your needs. Whether you are coming for your first consultation or for a long term follow-up we want to provide a comfortable setting for your examination. In this office many of the minor procedures - mole or small skin cancer removal, scar revision, facial peels, etc. - are performed. The Cosmetic Surgery Center at Harbour View is also located in our building. This state of the art surgical center allows us to perform almost all of our outpatient procedures, including cosmetic operations, without having to go to the hospital. The surgical suite is operated and staffed by nurses from the Bon Secours Organization, and anesthesia is provided by members of Portsmouth Anesthesia. We are, therefore, able to offer you the safety of a hospital setting with the comfort of a outpatient/office location. Dr. J. Craig Merrell calls this office "home," and when you come for a consultation you will have an opportunity to meet.
Chesapeake Center For Excellence in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
300 Medical Parkway, Suite 316 Chesapeake, Virginia 23320
Phone: (757) 547-0047 Fax: (757) 548-3370
Our Chesapeake Center for Excellence in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is conveniently located across from Chesapeake General Hospital. This facility includes consultation areas, exam rooms and a minor procedure room where some skin cancers and moles are removed, scars can be revised, and minor cosmetic operations performed. This office is primarily home for Dr. Adam Billet . The close proximity to a major hospital allows for us to offer the most sophisticated care. When you come to see Dr. Billet you will have a chance to meet: Ashley, Elizabeth and Cherese.
Your Initial Visit
In order to give you a overview of what to expect when coming to one of our offices you may be interested to read the following material.

When you arrive please check in with our receptionist. If you received the general office forms in the mail and had a chance to fill them out please give them to her. She will also need your referral form when one is required by your insurance carrier. This information is essential for us to establish your medical record. The receptionist is also responsible for checking on your method of paying for today's visit. This will include verifying insurance coverage and, when required by your carrier, collecting co-pays.

After your paperwork is completed please wait to be called in by our nurse. We will do everything possible to see you at your appointed time, and ask for your patience on those occasions when we are running late. The nurse will escort you to one of our exam rooms. She will take the necessary time to inquire about your current medical problem - that is the reason you are here to be seen today. She will also ask in general about your family medical history, your past medical history, your current medications and any allergies, as well as your general medical condition. She will also check your vital signs.

Depending on the reason for today's visit you may or may not be asked to undress for your examination. Rest assured we will do everything we can to protect your modesty and make you as comfortable as possible. As circumstances direct you will, if needed, be given an examination gown to put on. Our offices are centrally heated and cooled. If you are uncomfortable with the temperature of the room please let our nurse know so that she can try and make adjustments.

Your doctor will be in to see you as soon as possible after the nurse is finished. Before doing so he will review the information you have provided. We will talk about your reason for coming to the office. An examination will be conducted as indicated by your needs. We will then discuss our findings, and try to answer all of your questions. We intend to take sufficient time to address your concerns and to help you decide on a plan of action. Occasionally additional information - reports from other physicians, lab tests, x-rays and/or scans - may be needed before a definitive answer can be found. Several office visits may therefore be required before we decide on the best possible treatment plan.

If there is a need for surgery and you wish to schedule you will next meet your Patient Counselor. She will try to schedule your operation, be it office, out-patient, or in-patient surgery, at a time that meets your needs. Depending on the nature of your surgery and your type of insurance, she will determine the need for pre-authorization. If part or all of your surgery is cosmetic, or if you do not have any insurance, she will also determine the anticipated hospital, anesthesiology and surgeons fees, and give you a written estimate.

Your final stop for the day will again be with our receptionist. She will set up any appointments needed in the future.
Paper Work
We need to know basic personal (name, address, employment, phone numbers, etc) and insurance information in order to set up your medical chart. You will also be asked to sign a release allowing us to provide your medical care. If you receive a Patient Information Book in the mail prior to your first visit we will have included the basic office forms. Please take a few minutes to fill them out completely before coming to the office. You do not need to mail them to the office ahead of time, just simply bring them with you. This will help allow us to get you into see your doctor promptly. If you have questions about filling out the forms please give our office staff a call at (757) 673-6000. In addition, if you are an established patient but have moved, have changed insurance companies, have changed marital status, or haven't been in our office for over a year you will be asked to update your information when you come.

If your condition has resulted from personal injury (e.g. an auto accident) and you have retained an attorney you will be asked to fill out additional forms. These allow us to access other medical records if needed, and to send reports to your legal counsel.

Your medical record is essential to the management of your care. We try to dictate or write notes immediately following each visit. These are placed in your chart along with lab results, your history and physical, operative reports, and other documents pertinent to your care. Once again, we rely on the accuracy of the information you have provided. This can be critically important when we are trying to contact you about the results of tests. A mistake, for example, in your phone number, can cause unnecessary delays.

Should you desire you may have a copy of your chart, including any of the above mentioned documents, and photos when they have been taken. You will be charged the usual and customary fee for copying this material.
Once the decision has been made for you to have surgery the next most important question is "when?" Most patients are anxious to "get on with it." How soon you can be scheduled is generally a function of three important factors: your insurance company, your medical condition, and your doctors schedule.

Managed health care means just that. People other than yourself and your doctor are making important decisions about how, in what way, where, when, and even if you get treatment. In many instances our hands are tied. We are often required to go through a laborious pre-authorization process even though you have the proper referral from your Primary Care Physician (PCP). Although your PCP and your PSAT doctor may fully agree on the necessity of surgery, nothing can be done until someone in the HMO front office gives the OK. In rare instances we can obtain the necessary authorization over the phone. Your Patient Counselor, will do her best to streamline the process, but unless you are willing to pay for the service yourself, you may have to wait several weeks or even months to have surgery.

Some conditions warrant immediate surgical attention, others are purely elective. Obviously, acute traumatic injuries (e.g. lacerations) are treated promptly. When the suspected diagnosis suggests possible serious consequences I try to do the surgery at the time of the initial consultation if possible. A newly diagnosed malignant melanoma is a good example of this type of situation. Less serious conditions, basal or squamous cell skin cancer, are treated as soon as possible given the insurance company constraints noted in the paragraph above. Sometimes other conditions resulting in debilitating pain will be serious enough to warrant "bumping" someone else already on the schedule.

Our goal is to provide you with the surgical services you need and deserve in a timely fashion. We understand your busy schedule and many commitments. We will try to work with you to accommodate your needs.