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Perhaps nowhere in the body is balance more important than in the face. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and therefore some people love the ethnic or familial characteristics of their nose while other long for a change. Rhinoplasty is a routine outpatient procedure that can have minor or major impact on the appearance of one's nose.
The changes seen on frontal view are sometimes subtle compared to what one sees from the side.
Patients young and old can benefit from Rhinoplasty. Most older patients wish they had taken the plunge years before.
Often the most noticeable change comes from removing a prominent dorsal hump.
But other aspects of this operation help make the tip of the nose look much more refined.
This lovely patient demonstrates two important principles in rhinoplasty. First, the need to avoid overcorrecting the nose and making every result look the same. We try to be sure to preserve the individuality of each patient's nose during the refinement process. Second, some patients also need help with their chin as in this patient where an enhancement helps provide the right balance.
"Almost nine months have now passed since our son's surgery and I am pleased to tell you how well he is doing. He now has much more confidence in himself with his new nose. I especially appreciate the care and attention you and your staff gave to us."