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Skin Cancer Screening
Contact the offices of Plastic Surgery Associates of Tidewater to hear the schedule dates for the next Skin Cancer Screening
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Reconstructive Surgery (continued)
The spectrum of problems that can be treated by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon is truly endless. One often hears the response "the skin and its' contents" to the question "What part of the body does a plastic surgeon treat?" Problems that develop from birth, disease, infection, cancer, trauma, or the natural aging process are the challenges we try our best to correct.
1988 2000
Twelve years after plastic surgery you can hardly see any scars from the removal of a giant hairy nevus that covered a large area on this young lady's lower leg.
This patient suffered "road rash" in a accident. Here she is a few months and six years after meticulous plastic surgical treatment.
When seen in the emergency room for any skin injury you have the right to request treatment by a plastic surgeon. We are on call 24/7 to give you the best care possible in these difficult circumstances. Ask for us and see the difference.
This patient's mother was concerned with the appearance of her daughter's lip after treatment by another physician. Here she is immediately following emergency treatment by Plastic Surgery Associates of Tidewater and one year later.
To see other examples of reconstructive surgery visit these pages on our web site: Reconstructive Surgery, Microsurgery, Hand Surgery. We can't always put things back the way they were, or the way you want them to be, but we can always give you our very best efforts. If you have a congenital deformity, or have sustained scarring as a result of an accident, illness, or surgery please contact Plastic Surgery Associates of Tidewater for a personalized consultation.