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Breast Reconstruction Examples
This patient was over 60 years old when she decided to have breast reconstruction with natural tissue. She heard about the specialized surgeries Plastic Surgery Associates of Tidewater could perform and came in to have her reconstruction after years of embarrassment due to her external prosthesis. The following photographs help demonstrate the normal steps used in microsurgical breast reconstruction.
Three years after mastectomy After Microsurgical Flap Transfer
Immediately after nipple reconstruction Six years after completed reconstruction
After disfiguring mastectomy 6 years after natural reconstruction
Prior to surgery this patient complained, as do most mastectomy patients, about the cumbersome prosthesis, which prevented her from enjoying many activities of life. Six years after her breast reconstruction surgery she now enjoys the same activities as she did prior to her battle with cancer.
Five year follow-up of a patient who had bilateral mastectomies who chose a DIEP reconstruction on her way toward feeling whole again. Note the natural appearance of the breasts , including the reconstructed nipples. She also has a flat stomach - a huge bonus for DIEP patients when compared to patients who chose TRAM flap surgery which destroys the rectus muscles.
PSAT specializes in state of the art breast reconstruction. We also see many patients for whom the DIEP flap is not the best answer. This following is an example of the results we often achieve in patients properly selected for Cohesive Gel Implant Reconstruction:
This high risk patient elected to have her breast tissue removed and reconstruction with gel implants. Her breasts also look and feel soft and natural.
Women young and old, small breasted or large are candidates for surgery. While other medical conditions have to be taken into consideration, most women who want reconstruction using natural tissue qualify for this procedure.
Some patients are found to have cancer in both breasts or chose to have the breast tissue removed from the opposite breast as a preventive measure. When this occurs surgical removal of the breast tissue can be immediately followed by simultaneous reconstruction of both sides.
Breast reconstruction is an option for almost all women, regardless of age or body build. In most instances immediate reconstruction at the time of mastectomy is most convenient, however even women who have had a mastectomy years ago can benefit from so-called delayed reconstruction.
The beauty of the latest techniques is the ability to restore the natural size and contour of the breast using a women's own natural tissue. This allows her to feel whole and to return to a normal lifestyle, feeling attractive and confident.
Often the removal of unwanted skin and fat from the abdomen for breast reconstruction has the added benefit of improving a women's figure.
Many patients prefer the size and shape of the reconstructed breast because it is firmer, fuller, larger and more youthful in appearance. In these instances we make the necessary adjustments to the opposite breast when creating the new nipple on the reconstructed side.
The reconstructed breast and associated tummy tuck give most patients a much more pleasing body proportions.
When things go wrong with other types of reconstruction:
The next two patients are examples of the wonderful results patients can hope to realize when their previous reconstruction is unacceptable and they chose more refined techniques. Women unhappy with previous reconstruction do not have to suffer and should seek consultation with Plastic Surgery Associates of Tidewater to determine what can be done to improve on their condition.

This patient had many problems with implant reconstruction. Her prosthesis finally wore a hole through the skin posing an almost certain risk of serious infection.

Her situation required the removal of her implants which left this disfiguring condition.

Reconstruction using natural tissue not only restored normal breast form but also gave her balance between the upper and lower portions of her body.
At Plastic Surgery Associates of Tidewater we specialize in helping all patients get the best result, even those who have had previous failed reconstruction.
This patient came to me months after another surgeon completed her initial reconstruction. Her implants were about to come through the skin and she was in pain. The aesthetic result was embarrassingly poor.

We started over and were able to accomplish a DIEP breast reconstruction and natural nipple reconstruction. Yes, some scars remain, but the breasts now look and feel natural. The patient is able to participate in all normal activities including those that require full abdominal wall strength.
Implants used in reconstruction sometimes leave patients with breasts that are deformed and feel unnatural.
Every year we convert many patients to a more natural look and feel by using microsurgical techniques. The results are natural feeling breasts, an improved body balance and renewed self-esteem.
The final straw for this patient came five years after mastectomy when her prosthesis came out of her clothing when she tried to go swimming.
After microsurgical reconstruction she never has to fear participating in swimming or other sports activities.
Most patients express their feelings best. This note was received from a middle-aged woman who recently completed her reconstruction.
"When my surgeon told me the lump in my breast was malignant I felt my body go numb. The thought of losing my breast weighed heavily on my mind for weeks. I muttered aloud, I want immediate reconstruction. I knew that without reconstruction I could not face looking at my own scarred body every day as I bathed and dressed. This was NOT an issue of vanity. I had heard from other women that the outside prosthesis they had to wear was hot, heavy and uncomfortable. I wanted to be able to return to my active lifestyle. I knew there were different types of breast reconstruction, and I knew I did not want an implant. I chose using my own tissue and I have never regretted that decision. I look and feel great. I can honestly say I have fully recovered and returned to all my normal activities." S.B.
Before and after reconstruction of the right breast