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Breast Enhancement | Breast Reduction | Breast Lifting | Body Contouring
"Mommy Make-Over"
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Over the past twenty-five years some of the most appreciative patients and some of our greatest joys have been to take care of women who have experienced significant changes in their body build and distortions in their body proportions as a result of having children. We applaud women for bringing children into the world and honor them for the sacrifices made. Pregnancy, however, is body changing process that has permanent consequences. Weight gain and loss, stretching of skin on the breast and the abdomen, stretching and often damage of abdominal muscles, increase or loss of breast volume, change in breast shape, stretch marks . . . . . the list goes on and on.

As a general rule these changes can be permanent without surgical intervention. Our “mommy make-over” uses a variety of proven surgical techniques to put things back where they belong. Liposuction, tummy tuck, breast lift, breast enhancement, breast reductions, thigh and other lifting procedures are all options we consider when trying to help you restore the balance of your body.

While there are limits to what can be accomplished, these patients, who have graciously agreed to allow us to use their photos for educational purposes, demonstrate why you may want to Visit Us and See the Difference.
Mommy Make Over Mommy Make Over
This mother of three is NOT pregnant again. After having kids, she, like so many women, works out but can’t get her figure back.
After TESSA® breast enhancement
and a full tummy tuck.

To see more results of Dr. Merrell’s TESSA ® breast procedure, follow this link. www.loveyourlook.com