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Skin Cancer Screening
Contact the offices of Plastic Surgery Associates of Tidewater to hear the schedule dates for the next Skin Cancer Screening
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Imagine doing needlepoint or other sewing with a thread smaller in diameter than a human hair. That's what Dr. Merrell do routinely with microsurgery - not needlepoint, but sewing together tiny nerves, arteries, and veins. Dr. Merrell is one of only a few fellowship trained microsurgeons in the Hampton Roads area. His expertise allows him to apply this technique to a variety of reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. Tissues from one part of the body can be moved to another area restoring form and function after surgery for cancer, or to correct congenital or traumatic deformities.

To see microsurgery can make the difference in Breast Reconstruction click here
Before microsurgery After microsurgery
This young boy lost the bone in his upper arm due to infection. Using microsurgery, a living non-weight bearing bone was taken from his leg to rebuild his arm. At right he is shown one year later with a normal healthy arm.
This patient had radical removal of a malignant malanoma which left skin grafts on muscles and a serious disfiguring soft tissue defect.
Reconstruction was accomplished by taking the excess skin and fat from a small area of the lower abdomen and transferring the tissue by microsurgical technique to the leg.
Surgery resulted in the release of tethered muscles, and the complete restoration of contour as seen in the photo at right taken about a year after surgery.
As an added bonus, the scars from the abdominal part of the surgery were hidden and she got a nice "tummy tuck."