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Skin Cancer Screening
Contact the offices of Plastic Surgery Associates of Tidewater to hear the schedule dates for the next Skin Cancer Screening
Harbour View Center
5818 Harbour View Blvd, Suite 200
Suffolk, Virginia 23435
Phone: (757) 673-6000
Fax: (757) 673-6007
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Frequently Asked Questions
Will I have the mole/spot/blemish removed on my initial visit?
Under most circumstances "No". Without first seeing the lesion your doctor cannot even determine if office surgery is appropriate. Sometimes something serious (e.g. Melanoma) is diagnosed and extensive surgery may be required.
Will my insurance cover my surgery?
I know that "maybe" isn't a very satisfying answer, but there are a host of factors which must be taken into consideration before a definite answer can be given. Please look in the section "Financing/Affordability" for details.
Will surgery leave a scar?
Yes. Any injury to the body, including a surgical incision, heals with scar tissue. However, there is much a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon can do to minimize the amount of scarring.
Will Dr. Merrell do the actual surgery?
Yes. That is the reason you have come to our office. We do not have "plastic surgeons in training" or other residents working for us.
Will I have stitches?
All but the most minute skin incisions require some sutures. In some cases all the sutures are under the skin, and only strips of tape are needed on the outside. We can also now offer Dermabond, a alternative or adjunct which may enhance the cosmetic result. Ask your doctor or his nurse for more information.
How soon can I have my surgery?
For most non-urgent operations we are currently scheduling about 4-6 weeks in advance. Cancellations do occur and sometimes we can work you in much sooner. When there is a pressing need (e.g. big social event - need enlargement now) we can sometimes offer surgery after hours and on Saturdays.
What can I do to facilitate my visit?
Contact us for a Patient Information Book which will be mailed to you along with the necessary forms used to set up your chart. Taking time to fill them out prior to your visit will be most helpful. You do not need to mail them in ahead of time. Please be sure to have the necessary referral from your primary care physician (PCP) when required by your insurance carrier. Finally, please be prepared to pay in advance of being seen by your doctors at the time of your visit any cost shares, or co-pays mandated by your insurance carrier.
Do you offer financing for cosmetic surgery?
Yes, we participate with the AMS Patient Financing Program. Please contact our office for details.