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Face Lift
The appearance of your skin depends upon its texture and tone. The texture can be enhanced by using good skin care products, through mild MD Forte peels, by microdermabrasion Power Peels and Laser Resurfacing. Changing skin tone, however, requires skin tightening procedures. The most common of these is facelift. An outpatient procedure, facelift, is designed to remove excess skin, which causes wrinkles, prominent nasolabial folds, jowls, and the turkey gobbler neck. Alone or in concert with liposuction, a facelift can provide dramatic and long lasting facial rejuvenation. Although variation between individuals occur, most patients, are over their bruising and swelling after a couple of weeks and back to their normal routine, looking much younger.

This lovely woman typifies the problems for which patients seek facelift. The aging process has caused the skin and fat along the jaw line to droop down - the so-called jowls. Her neckline is also poorly defined because of the excess skin sagging down. The effect of these problems is to give her a stern or tired look.

After a facelift the clock has been turned back. The jowls have been removed and the neckline restored. Most often, friends and family who did not know the patient was having surgery will comment, "you look great - have you changed your hair?" or "you look rested - did you take a vacation?" or "I love the way you are doing your makeup!"
This patient fretted for more than a year before going ahead with a facelift. Like many patients, after the surgery, she wished she had taken the plunge years ago.
Sometimes bringing the face into the proper balance requires some additional work on the chin. This beautiful woman has realized not only the benefits of facelift, but also blepharoplasty (eyelid tuck) and chin enhancement.
Sometimes treatment of the texture of the skin is needed after facelift. This patient not only had the typical fine wrinkling, splotchiness, and enlarged pores associated with aging, but also some scarring from a childhood burn.
Patients from their 30's to over 80 have realized the benefits of facelift surgery. Younger patients may need less skin tightening unless a lot of fat has to be removed as in the case of this young lady.
You don't have to wait until retirement to enjoy the many benefits of facelift. Many men and women have appreciated the extra feeling of confidence facial rejuvenation gives them in the workplace.
We have cared for patients from all over the states and various parts of the world. When coming from out of town special accommodations for postoperative care can be arranged. Patients can usually expect to be on their way home with a new, younger look within one to two weeks.
Facelift is often accompanied by eyelid tuck (blepharoplasty) in order to enhance to overall effect. Before surgery people say you look tired or angry.
After surgery people say you look rested and happy.
Patient's often ask: "How long will the facelift last?"

How long the rejuvenation lasts depends not only on hereditary factors, but also lifestyle choices like smoking. Patients, however, will always look younger than they would if no surgery had been done.
Although gravity continues to influence the skin after surgery most patients like this one shown before and about then years after facelift and eyelid tuck can expect long lasting improvement.