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Breast Reduction
One of the most rewarding operations for large breasted women, both young and old, is breast reduction. Carrying the extra weight over a period of years causes persistent, increasing, and eventually disabling shoulder, neck and back pain.
Dr. Merrell and Dr. Billet have had experience caring for hundreds of patients fifteen to seventy-seven and all ages in between. Without exception they have been pleased with the results. Older patients who have had breast reduction almost always say they wish they had had their surgery years before. Young patients tend to bounce back within a few days. In most instances this surgery is performed on an outpatient basis.
Carrying excessive breast weight often results in chronic and increasing shoulder, neck, and back pain. We have performed breast reduction on patients 15 years old, 77 years old, and every age in between. Patients enjoy relief from pain and an improved sense of self-esteem after this outpatient procedure. Most patients can return to work and other daily activities within a few weeks of surgery. We can offer techniques that usually preserve nipple sensation and which will allow younger patient to breast feed if they so desire. Depending on the insurance carrier, breast reduction may be a covered procedure. The following are typical examples of patients treated over the past 20 years by physicians at Plastic Surgery Associates of Tidewater, Inc.
A DD cup reduced to a more proportional C cup
Although we cannot guarantee the exact size of the final result, even patients with EE cup breasts and larger like this patient can expect to be better proportioned.
Many younger patients are so embarrassed by their large breasts they shy away from participating in sporting activities or wearing a swimsuit. This patient owned but rarely wore the suit seen on the left. Following reduction surgery she enjoyed the benefits of going to the beach without worrying that "everyone was starring at her chest".
"In August of 1998, I had breast reduction surgery. I was a 38-DD and now I am a 36-C. The decision of having surgery has proven to be very good one. I was extremely self conscience. I had a hard time finding clothes and bathing suits to fit. I always felt I looked overweight because I was out of proportion. I also had continuous back pain because of the weight of my breasts.

Since my surgery, I am no longer self conscience. Practically everything I try on fits. When I see people I haven't seen in a while, they ask if I have lost weight. Finally, and the most important, I no longer endure the back pain that I have suffered with for so many years. Having breast reduction surgery was the best decision I could have made."
Many patients are concerned about scars. It is impossible to remove the excess breast tissue without leaving some noticable traces. This patient shows the typical pattern of scarring six months after a reduction using the Robertson technique.