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Breast Enhancement
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Patient satisfaction is almost universal with augmentation mammoplasty. The following testimonial is typical of our patients:
"After breast feeding two children, I was left with little to no breast tissue and a very small breast size. I no longer felt appealing in my clothes and was ashamed to wear a bathing suit. That was almost ten years ago. At the time I was a surgical nurse and worked in the operating room and had a chance to see Dr. Merrell work his magic. I decided, after talking this over with my husband, that breast augmentation was the right choice for me. I cannot begin to explain what a difference breast enhancement has made in my life. I feel good in my clothers and love to wear bathing suits. My husband is also pleased with my choice and my new look. I have not had any problems following my surgery and even though it may sound like I am bragging, my breasts do look perfect. I would recommend this surgery without hesitation. "
(40 year old patient)

We use only FDA approved Saline and Cohesive Silicone implants to create proper, natural upper body proportions. We offer traditional surgical approaches (under the breast and around the nipple) with implants place on top or under the muscle as circumstances and patient desires demand. You may also want to consider Dr. Merrell’s TESSA® approach.
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This patient desired enlargement from an A to a full B
This patient wanted an increase from an A to a full C
We have almost 40 years combined experience performing breast enhancement using the latest techniques.
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