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One of the greatest events in woman's life - motherhood - comes with a significant physical price - "tell me about it," you say. Ok, so we have never personally experienced pregnancy, but as Plastic Surgeons specializing in surgery to RESTORE we have seen hundreds and hundreds of patients who have gone through the experience shown at right. There is no way the abdomen and breast can survive pregnancy without suffering permanent damage. Fortunately Plastic Surgery Associates of Tidewater has the solution to these problems and others caused by excessive weight gain and loss.
The problem lies not only
in having excess skin
but also in damage to muscles
which hold in the stomach.
This patient swore before having her children that she would never need to see plastic surgeon because she worked hard to stay at ideal weight and worked out 3-5 times each week. You can see the effects of two children as well as the results of a tummy tuck.
This patient not only had had children but also lost over 100 lbs following gastric bypass surgery. The effects on her abdomen were devastating, but were able to be repaired by Plastic Surgery Associates of Tidewater.
Another gastric bypass patient who benefited from abdominoplasty.
Patients often ask about the scars which will results from tummy tuck surgery. This patient had previous abdominal surgery including a colostomy which left terrible unsightly scars. As you can see from the post operative photos her tummy tuck not only gave her a tight stomach, but also allowed for the replacement of her old scars with a new one hidden in the bikini line.
The degree of correction required depends on the patient's basic body build and the condition of the abdomen. These two patients show the improvement that can be achieved in the very different patients by using state of the art techniques employed by surgeons at Plastic Surgery Associates of Tidewater.
Patients in their early 20s to those in their late 70s can benefit from tummy tuck technique to restore abdominal wall tone. Older patients always complain that they wish they had had surgery years before so they would have had longer to enjoy their restored figure. This patient in her late 50s wished she had gotten her rejuvenated abdomen years ago.
The goal of abdominoplasty is not only to help you look better in a bathing suit, but also to help restore your figure in an evening dress without having to wear "steel reinforced" undergarments.
This patient is very typical. After having two kids and failing to regain her figure through diet and exercise, she came to Plastic Surgery Associates of Tidewater with a "simple" request: "Put me back the way I was before I had my kids." Here are her own words to describe the change:
"After two babies and 60 lbs weight gains with both pregnancies, my 35 year old body looked and felt old, heavy and tired. Dr. Merrell was my saving grace. Abdominoplasty and liposuction not only gave me the body of a 25 year old, I am thin and proportioned. I have become active and interactive, and I feel great about my looks. Bikinis, short skirts, and bare mid-drifts, not to mention a very happy husband, have become a way of life once again!"